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Sylvia and Pat Tylka

Sylvia and Pat Tylka’s involvement with CURE spans more than 13 years. Th­ey were first introduced to CURE when Sylvia attended CURE’s “A Tribute to Our Quiet Heroes” luncheon, which honors mothers of children with cancer. Meeting the mothers and seeing the faces of the children battling cancer captured her heart. Immediately, she and Pat knew this was a cause and organization they wanted to support. Since that time, their impact on the organization has been remarkable.

Before retiring, Pat served as SVP for a $3 billion technology company headquartered in Atlanta. As a part of that role, he participated in board sessions, strategic planning, and budgeting. He was responsible for the worldwide sales organization and gained extensive experience in developing and building teams and relationship-building. Pat used that experience during his six-year service to CURE’s Board of Directors, guiding strategy and bringing strong business processes to CURE that are still in place today.

Sylvia and Pat were the driving force behind the creation of the Believe Ball. Not only did they bring the idea of a ball, but they rolled up their sleeves and did most of the work. Their persistence resulted in this wonderful event which has already raised more than $9 million to fight childhood cancer.

Th­ey have hosted events to introduce others to CURE, treated numerous CURE families to one-of-a-kind, special experiences, and sponsored and served countless meals to hospitalized children and families. Wherever they see a need, Pat and Sylvia seek to fill it.

Th­eir impact on CURE and the patients and families we serve will be felt for years to come.